Introducing the R for Data Science Exercise Walkthrough Series

R for Data Science by Hadley Wickham is one of the most popular books for learning R. That is for good reason. It’s an excellent read full of hands on knowledge that will make you proficient in R in no time—provided you work through all the exercises.

Almost every chapter in the book contains multiple hands on exercises for you to apply what you’ve just learned in the preceding paragraphs. I don’t think I have to say this but merely reading a book on programming for data science will neither make you a good programmer nor a great data scientist! You have to get your hands dirty and try things out. The exercises in the book are a great way to do so in a controlled environment.

Unfortunately (or deliberately?) the R for Data Science book does not contain any exercise solutions. While you can often check the result yourself, I always feel it’s great to see how an experienced useR would solve the exercises.

With that thought in mind I decided to record myself solving the exercises in the book, commenting on the how and why along the way. The result is the R for Data Science Exercises Walkthrough Series (that was a mouthful!) which I started on my YouTube channel.

Here’s a little teaser for you to see what the videos are like.

So far I’ve uploaded 5 videos. The first 3 unfortunately turned out quite poor on the audio side. I’ve invested in a decent microphone since then, though, so these initial hurdles have been overcome. I plan to eventually cover all exercises in the book—that is if you think it’s valuable. If so, please make sure to subscribe to the channel and tell your friends about it. Looking forward to seeing you over there!