Hi there!

My name is Thomas Neitmann. I am an R enthusiast currently working for Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche as a Statistical Programmer Analyst for late-phase clinical trials in neuroscience indications.

My R journey began in 2014 when a coworker told me to run an R script to “analyze some data”. Having never programmed before at that time I was overwhelmed. But I took on the challenge and soon realized the power and joy of programming.

Since then I learned a couple of other programming languages including MATLAB, Python and SAS. But my favorite is still by far R.

I enjoy sharing my knowledge and started doing so publicly on LinkedIn in late 2019. Since then I went from around 300 to 7000+ followers. Many of those encouraged me to create a blog to have a central place for all my posts. So that’s what I did.

As the name suggests this blog focuses predominantly on R. I will occasionally cover other, related topics such as git, though. I also enjoy data visualization a lot so you’ll likely find some posts on that, too.

If you have a specific topic you would like me to write about please feel free to reach out. The best option to do so is via my LinkedIn. If you are not yet connected with me, make sure to send me a request. Looking forward to having you join my network!

Finally, if you don’t enjoy reading that much but would like to watch me code you can do so on my YouTube channel. See you there!